Periods of internal disquiet, and all trauma experienes, offer an opening for deep Soul level transformation.  IF… you are able to stay faithful to your own process, and not act-out or react to, the situation.

Not the easiest ask when you find yourself in distress and chaos.  Its at this point many people reach out for support.  Getting the right support at this time is crucial because when you’re supported to honour yourself in this way, you forge an enduring relationship with your deepest Self… the part of you which knows the deeper meaning of what you’re going through – and knows how to bring about the best outcome.

While its true that we have all the answers to our life within this wisdom is often buried beneath years of conditioned denial and fear.   But when you’re supported  to release the layers of fear and  outdated beliefs  – many limitations fall away as you come to trust yourself to follow your intuitive guidance.

When I speak of ‘Soul’ I’m referring to the energetic aspect of you which is intimately involved in every part of your day-to-day life.  Soul is interested in everything you do and everything  you desire.

Soul can be felt in ‘that song’ you love; ‘that colour’ that lights you up or  ‘that place’ where you are most yourself.   Soul is your unique flavour, your expression, your smile.


As well as being part of your everyday life, Soul energy is expansive, and  remains  anchored in the spiritual realms and keeps you connected with your Divine nature.

Basically, when you are in touch with the energy of your Soul, your HEART FEELS FULL and you FEEL MOST ALIVE!

Soul holds the knowleldge of your Divine purpose, as well as the know-how to help you materialise it.

Your job is to trust your connection and let it deepen and grow.

Trust yourself enough to be guided by your Soul on its earthly mission.

So to begin…

Feel into your Heart.





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