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I had a Sacred Soul Alignment with Juliet and it was amazing. I felt and saw the energy come in and go through my body. Juliet is a very gifted and wonderful intuitive and healer and I thoroughly recommend her. If you get the opportunity to work with this lovely lady, go for it. Thank you Juliet, I am very grateful to you and the chance to connect.  Blessings Su.

Su Davey

The peace and calm I felt during and after my session with Juliet was incredibly good. I don’t remember feeling that good before. Juliet truly inspires me with her wisdom and lovely healing energy. I look forward to doing more work with her.

Eliane Susin

English Language Teacher

Thank you so much Juliet for the energy sessions.

All I know is that something was stopping me from taking action in my business, and after my two sessions with you I have felt so calm and peaceful inside. I don’t know how, but the energy work seems to have shifted something and I feel more positive and empowered to move forward.

All my friends are saying they’ve noticed that I seem more relaxed, and that’s exactly how I feel. I look forward to doing more with you!”

Rosemary Gardener

Since taking this course and doing this work, I have not only been able to connect more fully with my Higher-Self but I have been able to release old emotions – even ones that I either was not aware of, or not aware that I had not shed!

I am much more confident. Also, as a result of my confidence, I’ve been more creative. Thank you, Juliet


Debbie McIver

Chakra Programme Participant

Debbie McIver

I started my journey with Juliet March 2017 and it has been profound and powerful!   Our sessions were extraordinarily transforming.   I found space to become more of myself.  To become more Love.

Juliet is one of the most intuitive, energy healers I’ve known.  Her healing work has changed my life.

I’ve made real life shifts, and moved back into a space of empowerment. I am happier, healthier, and creating more of everything, everywhere in my life.

I’m now owning my spark of divine energy with confidence, knowing my ability to discern, and use the wisdom I’ve been given to help others and myself.

Linda Campbell

Linda Campbell

Actor & Healer

I feel so confident working with Juliet as she ‘walks the talk’ and truly believes in the transformational possibilities of this work. And now I do too. Juliet is a knowledgeable, sensitive, and passionate healer. I’m glad I met her.

Sandra Broome

Sandra Broome


I would have to say that my Sacred Soul Alignment session with Juliet Redwood  was just wonderful – from beginning to end! Juliet took the time to find out about the issue that I wanted to work on and clear, and yet didn’t take any time at all! She just tuned in, connected with me, and sent the clearing/ healing energies that I needed. I received the Sacred Energies of the highest frequency of two essential oils and three Sacred Soul Alignments to support me. I highly recommend experiencing an SSA session with Juliet. You can count on her to hold space and be there with you, and for you, as you feel the energies you receive flow through your body in a way that I can only describe as loving and kind – the loving kindness of Creator. Thank you so much Juliet!!

Martha Boyd

Artist & Energy Healer

Dear Juliet,

Since having energy sessions with you I can say that my life has changed dramatically. Initially the results from sessions were very subtle but the more sessions I had the more I saw how powerful they have been in clearing some deep issues I have struggled with. Now four months on, I have found the courage to make some profound changes in a difficult long-term relationship. As a result, I’m sleeping better, feeling rested, peaceful and more ‘alive’ than I have for a long time.  As for my work, I feel so much more assertive and ready to move forward with confidence.

I would highly recommend these energy sessions, I don’t know quite how they work I can just testify that they do.

Thank you Juliet, so much for the help.

Illona Carlisle

Illona Carlisle

Project Manager

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