My Soul-Based Approach

Combining my professional training as an Integrative Soul-focused Counsellor with being a Sacred Soul Alignment™ Practitioner allows me a unique perspective which embraces all of who you are, on every level.

It’s my belief that Soul is the most expansive aspect of our nature and is the bridge between our everyday life and our spiritual reality. As such the energy of Soul holds the most potential for bringing spiritual healing and personal growth into our lives.

I believe issues and difficulties show up in our lives as the ‘call of the Soul’.  Soul is always nudging us to heal and embrace More of our unique self in the areas we feel emotional (or physical) pain.

These challenges are  ‘gifts’ offering you the opportunity to transform and live your most expansive life – from the inside out.

The energy of Soul simply asks you open to more of your amazing Self!

How I can Help

Incorporating my experience as an Energy Healer and all my skills and tools from 10 years in soul-based psychology allows you:  

*  Quick release of unresolved energetic issues, patterns and  beliefs held on personal and collective levels

*  Deeper connection to your unique Self

*  Deeper levels of self understanding

*  Deeper levels of self-mastery

*  Increased Self worthiness

*  Deeper levels of self compassion

* Awakening to your innate potential

* More access to the energy of your creativity


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