Today I had my monthly business support group meeting with some amazingly Soulful women, who know me well. They know my story and my patterns. And importantly, they are willing to gently call me out when they see me disconnecting from the bigger picture of my unique Healing Journey.

I love that.

Like many of the women I serve, I’ve come from a place where it was normal to slot into a mould, only to be seen and responded to as an individual when things reached crisis point and I could no longer be ignored. I learned to treat myself that way – to have unreasonable expectations of myself, often ignoring my own basic needs and denying the information my senses brought to my awareness.

Feeling called forward to serve more fully, has meant that over the last few months I’ve felt the need to reach inside and commit to my own growth in a deeper more real way than ever before. This has meant

• daily connection and journalling with my Soul for guidance, insight, support and love

• practicing heart-centred meditations

• daily grounding and clearing practices

• trusting intuitive guidance on Who/What to spend my energy on

• regular time-out from social media

Its been wonderful to spend time supporting myself in this way. The shifts have been amazing. But, when we start to make these deep internal shifts, our conscious mind (Ego) which functions from learned behaviour, can feel disoriented and might take time to catch on to the fact that the changes are a good thing. And that’s exactly what happened to me. I couldn’t quite appreciate the healing and Self-Love that I’ve been cultivating in my life. So, instead I found myself talking to my peers, worrying about the fact that I’ve not been as visible and active as I was, that I’ve been quieter than I’ve been (and I’m pretty quiet at the best of times!).

Luckily, I was challenged, and supported, to see just how well I am doing in staying true to my inner process. To trust that I have been giving myself exactly what my Soul needs right now. And that the part of me voicing regret and worry, is in fact the internalised echo of learned neglect and abandonment from the past.

The fact is when we are supported to connect beneath the surface of our routine and internalised expectations, we allow ourselves to connect more deeply into our wholeness where we can see the bigger – Soulful – context of our day to day life.

I was helped to see how all the personal healing I’ve been doing around Self-Love and Self-Trust is allowing me to make personal choices which are indeed aligned with my Soul Journey – even when I get caught in Ego and lose sight of the big picture.

I cannot emphasis just how valuable it is having someone else reflect on your process to help you see yourself in ways you’re temporarily blinded to. Being witnessed and validated in this way can make the difference between

• Finding courage to continue forging YOUR OWN NEW PATH


• Blindly recreating old patterns and repeating THE SAME OLD STORY

Learning to truly love and trust yourself means being willing to see and break through old patterns and internalised expectations.

Do you overlook yourself?

Are you ready to break that mould?

Deepening your commitment to Self-Love and Trust means you no longer have to wait until issues reach crisis point before seeking healing and taking support.

I’m here.

And I’m ready to witness for your Soul and and clear the energetic patterns that keep you from moving deeper into your Healing Journey.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like more information on how I can help you:

And look out for the new offers I have coming up soon.


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